7 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Onesies

Onesies: this is the original pajama costumes cartoon characters and animals for adults and children. They are soft, comfortable, cozy, warm and very cute. Become a star of a youth party, arouse admiration of others or keep them warm at home if you are cold.


The name “unicorn onesies” was the result of the mixing of two Japanese words: the verb “kiru” (to wear) and the noun “nuigurumi”, which means “soft toy”. If in Russia the cartoon pajamas just appear, then in Japan they have already become a real trend of youth fashion. Onesies can be found in amusement parks, shopping centers, on crowded streets. They like to amuse passers-by, to amuse children and to charge everyone with positive.


Sew onesies from two fabrics: fleece or polyester. Fleece onesies are warmer. They are great for sleeping or walking in the fresh air. If you are going to light all night on the dance floor, it is better to choose the second option. This fabric is much thinner. It is ideal for private events. In general, both types of pajamas are very light, breathable and comfortable. Feel free to wear them in any situation, and you will never stay in the shadows. For bright, creative personalities, this is what we need.

Onesies can be worn all year round. A person in a costume of a charming little animal can conquer any mountain slope. In the summer, stand on the rollers and catch the surprised glances of passersby. And in spring and autumn, just walk the streets, enjoy the great urban atmosphere, and Onesies will make the walk as pleasant and comfortable as possible. And most importantly when you are going to plunge into the world of fairy-tale dreams, just do not forget about the soft pajamas. With her, your dream will become sweet and sweet and your morning mood sunny and joyful.

Onesies can be washed in the machine! In case of contamination do not be afraid to wash the onesies in the washing machine. They will not fall apart. They do not have cardboard glued finishes, they will not lose color, and they are made of high-quality fabric. Onesies created specifically with the features of the machine wash.

Onesies is a great alternative to carnival costumes! In such a dress, any holiday will be held with a bang, and great memories will delight you for a long time.

The most popular costumes are panda, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, elephant, dog, dinosaur, cat, dragon, pig and cow. Agree, such funny characters will surely cause a smile on the face of even the dullest person. More of these cute and adorable characters are available at https://kigurumi.co

Do you like to shock others? Give others a good mood? Cool photos in social networks? Then you can’t do without onesies. This is the easiest way to accomplish all three missions at once, plus with a guarantee to attract the attention of others in any place wherever you are.

Previously, it was necessary to make 40 holes for piercing on the face, shave the skull, or at least go along the street with a bunch of balloons. Now stand out from the crowd much easier. Onesies is a thin onesies or hooded pajamas depicting a cartoon hero. This can be a well-known character, or just an animal, stylized as a cartoon. It doesn’t matter if you watch cartoons, what your mood is, what kind of fruit your figure resembles and whether you wear socks under sandals if you walk down the street in Onesies, everyone smiles and watches you, and some even want to meet and take pictures.


“He is so cool!” the cat regularly hears just because he is a cat. “She is so cool / funny / fun!” Often hears a girl who has onesies. It doesn’t matter how old a girl is and how much kg she has in live weight, she will always be cool, funny and funny in Onesies. Boys using the Onesies acquire the same qualities.

How to use onesies?

This is one of the most sought-after options for using onesies. After all, snowboarders love nothing more than to stand out in front of each other. And here is such an opportunity to attract attention. Even if you ride a snowboard a little better than a bag of bran, you will admire your turret less. But the onesies for snowboarding is also a warm, soft and very comfortable fleece outerwear. She breathes well and does not get wet, ensures that the snow does not crumble by the collar and keeps the track suit that you wear under the bottom from damage. And if you like to inform the whole world about your sporting success, confirming it with photos and Instagram, or wherever you are, then snowboarding without Onesies is generally a crime. Onesies will not only improve your karma due to the smiles of those who will look at these pictures.

If you are among those external parents who simply cannot help but share the joys of snowboarding with their children, Onesies is generally the ideal way out. You will be sure that your child will not freeze and will not cause irritation of others, even if he jumps across the path during the descent. Because how can you be angry at such a miracle?

Wear Flash-mob

Flash mob is now a popular and entertaining entertainment, a great way to entertain you and others, to admire how jaws hang in passersby, and sometimes to draw attention to a serious problem. Some flash mobs appear spontaneously, and some carefully prepare more than one week. And in many flash mobs a huge role is played by the presence of a suitable onesies. Because in the costume of an ordinary person, you may not be noticed until you start issuing the hunting cry of Tarzan, and even in this case you will find you drunk, who happened to be in the midst of a flash-mob. If you like flash mobs, a couple of Onesies in the closet ensures your relevance to them. Just remember any flash mob you have heard about lately and mentally add a dude to it in onesies.

Well, then, let’s call things by their names, the main thing in flash mobs for their participants are what? Onesies absolutely decorate them and the trendy designs that go along with their taste and personality. Some even features lighting and sounds in their onesies that goes along well on parties and festive occasions.

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