Classy Nesting Doll Gifts That Are Sure To Standout

Russian gifts and Slavic dolls are known to the whole world, this is a real treasury of national creativity, accessible to everyone. Old Russian masters put their souls in each creation, due to which they produced real masterpieces.

The company specializes in the wholesale of Russian handmade souvenirs. In their specialized catalog are presented:

  • dolls in folk costumes
  • pretty pyshechki
  • wooden dolls
  • hot water bottles on the kettle

Colorful patterns, filigree work, luxury textiles and porcelain reflect the breadth of the Russian soul. Each souvenir doll is literally soaked with warmth and positive.

In addition to Russian dolls, they can buy masks in bulk and other great souvenirs. Your customers will be able to choose an exquisite gift in the form of pendants or dolls, and affordable prices will open up new business opportunities. Want to know what do Russian nesting dolls represent.

Russian beauty – elegant doll as a gift

Bright souvenir dolls of this section captivate with the richness of decor in clothes. Picturesque young ladies are not just beautiful, but also have a certain cognitive meaning. Thus, Slavic dolls illustrate the colorful history of Russia, and luxurious secular models radiate the greatness of the royal era.

Masks – the guise of mystery

Costumed balls do not lose their relevance, so for fans of fabulous holidays, they picked up original and artistically attractive carnival masks.

Charms – stylish decor in the interior

Colorful pendants from their catalog in the form of fairy-tale characters, dolls and other characters are able to stylishly transform the interior, both at home and office. And this is a great gift for friends.

Pyshechka dolls – harmony in everyday life

The atmosphere of hospitality will be created by original puff dolls and candy boxes they have for sale. Prenatal young ladies, as a symbol of dimension and wealth, will bring harmony in your life, characteristic of ancient Russian hostesses.

Wooden dolls are an amazing gift

Painted wooden dolls in bulk with rocker arms, a samovar or flowers represent the best achievements of the artists’ skill. Continuing the ancient traditions, their company offers to buy dolls in bulk in Moscow, which will charm your customers with irresistible beauty. A large collection of outstanding traditional nesting dolls can be found at

Warmers for a teapot – an attribute of spiritual tea

Refined hot-water bottles for a teapot – an indispensable attribute of tea drinking in the Russian style. Cute products in the form of dolls and other characters not only keep the tea hot, but also dispose to a leisurely emotional conversation.

All products of their catalog, including dolls in bulk, can be purchased by contacting the telephone number listed on the site. Choose only the best for yourself and your customers.

We present you the masterpieces of applied art – Russian souvenir dolls. They are made by hand, and heroes and plots from their history, culture, and mythology become types for them. The range differs an unprecedented variety. There are suspended and standing dolls, soft and wooden, in the form of caskets and covers on the teapot. They are made in the form of bears with balalaika, boyar and simple village men, Cheburashka, Nutcracker, even the English Queen.

Each product is original and unique. The outfits for the queens and boyar dolls are exact replicas of women’s dresses worn in the past era, the Christmas tree toy in the shape of a tin soldier is made of wood, but painted by hand and looks very realistic, and Cheburashka even utters several phrases and sings songs. You can easily pick up a gift that will delight both a child and an adult.

You will enjoy not only a good selection of gifts, but also comfortable order conditions:

  • They offer toys directly from the manufacturer, so you cannot doubt their quality
  • The cost of souvenir dolls is not overstated – it gives you good savings
  • The customers receive a money back guarantee for products that do not fit them in certain parameters
  • Delivery is possible in Russia and the world. They will make sure that your order is delivered accurately and as quickly as possible
  • The companies accept payment in different ways, cash to the courier and card, bank, postal transfer, electronic money.

The managers are always happy to help you understand the range and find the right gifts. Scroll through their  catalogue, ask your questions and order doll souvenirs in the online store Nesting doll for friends, relatives, second half and foreign guests who want to leave a pleasant memory of Russia.

The rite “cuckoo’s funeral”

Many rites in Russia were held with the help of specially made dolls. For example: the ancient rite of “the funeral of the cuckoo”. This is the dedication of 12-year-old girls to girls and their entry into the world of adulthood.

He has conducted this ceremony before the Trinity. He was in the following

The girls went into the forest and made sure that no one followed them. There they led round dances, Pele songs and kumilis. In a sign that two girlfriends for 1 year became godfathers, they exchanged wreaths and dolls specially made for this purpose. These dolls were a reflection of the hostess, because while making this doll, the girl put a piece of her soul into it. After three times kissing girls exchanged dolls and were considered as godfathers. But it was extremely rare. How can you be angry with the godfather, if together with your doll you are entrusted with a part of your own soul. After all, while making the doll, the girl made efforts, thought about her, put all her skill into this work, and now she is given to her friend.

The Dressing

After the exchange of dolls, the girls dressed up in rags and shreds, specially made for this occasion, a straw doll. It was made from dried grass “cuckoo’s tears”. Then the girls buried her, they did not necessarily bury her, but in the sense they hid her, got rid of her. Thereby, they got rid of those qualities which are inherent in the cuckoo. She is known to throw eggs into the nests of other birds, and does not care about the future of her offspring. After the ceremony, the girl is considered a girl. Thus, this rite demonstrates the rejection of “kukischestva”, the proclamation of motherhood. The girls say goodbye to their childhood, assuming the obligation “not to be a cuckoo”.

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