The Instant Fame Of Fortune Bracelets And Their Incredible Meaning

The main material for jewelry has always been gold. Its alloys are durable, work well, durable and, of course, beautiful. Centuries passed, people’s tastes changed, and gold continued to remain the most sought after jewelry market. It produces the most luxurious jewelry, and among all this magnificence, the best are gold bracelets that most harmoniously reveal the beauty of the precious metal.

Bracelet– ring-shaped closed or open decoration of a variety of materials like gold, silver, bone, precious and ornamental stones, etc.Chain bracelets are a combination of rings of various shapes and sizes, arranged one behind the other or in a complex sequence. Depending on the shape of the links is determined by the name armored or anchor.

Carapace – weaving a chain in which the links of an oval shape are bent as an incomplete figure of eight and lie in the same plane. Anchor weaving a chain in which the links are located in mutually perpendicular planes.

Glider bracelet is a product composed of several links, called gliders. The links are interconnected by elastic and elastic springs or a hinge method. The links of expensive bracelets can even be decorated with precious stones or covered with artistic engraving. These solid gold bracelets, rather wide and massive, are often preferred by men.Braided bracelets are made of narrow gold strips, more like a wire. From such strips the openwork, graceful invoice turns out. Also what are fortune bracelets and what do they mean?

Classification of bracelets by type of gold

In addition to the traditional, yellow, red and white gold there are other types like blue, purple, brown, pink and even blue gold. Due to this diversity, manufacturers can create truly luxurious jewelry. Violet, blue and green gold are used as an insert in jewelry and are processed along with precious stones.

The type of bracelet can be determined by their thickness. By this criterion, gold bracelets are divided into thin, medium and wide. Thin bracelets give the girl an elegant, delicate, fragile and charming image.

Models of medium thickness are good for work.They both emphasize good taste and do not cause inconvenience. These bracelets do not attract attention, do not interfere with the job, but most importantly they decorate a woman.Wide bracelets are well suited for everyday life. They can be worn with a T-shirt, jeans, simple dresses and sundresses. You can find more classification of magnificent bracelets at

Types of bracelet weaving

Types of weaving gold bracelets are conventionally divided according to the method of arrangement of links relative to each other. The easier weaving, the easier it is to care for the decoration. Original complex weaving methods increase the reliability and durability of the product.

Weaving Bismarck Cardinal, Kaiser has spiral links. Men’s gold bracelets of this type of weaving are particularly popular for the last three decades and are not going to give up their positions. This intricate twist of the twisted links had to heart many. And with additional diamond processing, the bracelet just sparkles in the rays of light, breaking it with its facets. Another undeniable advantage of this type of weaving is manual execution. The jeweler, when working with a bracelet, puts into the product a bit of his soul and talent, which somewhat increases the total cost of the jewelry, but gives it a certain originality.

Gold bracelets with Venetian weaving are like interlacing boxes and consist of small rectangles. Bracelets made in this way are particularly durable and durable. This type of weaving is often used in massive jewelry with precious stones. Masters, skillfully embodying the Venetian weaving, valued at all times.

Byzantine weaving is a complex form, in which simple links are combined with twisted in the shape of eight with ball. It is especially popular with creative people, with men with a refined taste. No wonder this type of weaving is called royal. It is quite complicated. The result is a beautiful exquisite pattern.

Love subtle, feminine weaving, characterized by rounded and oval loops, perfectly emphasizes the shape of the wrist. This type of weaving is used for bracelets under the pendant, pendant. This type of universal and elegant creates a fairly harmonious image of a woman.

Anchor weaving is the most ancient and has long become a classic. Links are directed in perpendicular planes. Modern jewelers have learned how to create a variety of anchors. To do this, use the links of different lengths and also apply a diamond face. This allows you to create bracelets of various designs. This type of weaving is so durable that it is virtually impossible to break. In addition, it has a delightful and elegant look. On gold bracelets with anchor weaving the price is much lower, so they are very popular among young people.

Serpentine is a subtle and elegant weaving of gold bracelets that look very sophisticated, expensive and subtle on the female wrist. It should be noted that this weaving does not need any other elements.

Another very well-known form of weaving is armored. Bracelets made by this technology are distinguished by flattening. But with a certain creative approach, using armor weaving, you can get very extraordinary jewelry. After all, you can change the links of different sizes, make a double or even a weave and then enjoy the exclusivity of the bracelet.These are not all the technologies that are used when creating gold bracelets. There is a choice, but the main thing that a woman should remember when buying a piece of jewelry is that it should be in harmony with her wardrobe and image, without getting out of the general style.

Choice of golden bracelets

First you need to decide for what purposes you need a bracelet. For everyday wear, choose a thin product without large stones. The thinner your pen is, the thinner the product should be.A gold bracelet for festive occasions, which a woman plans to combine with cocktail or evening dresses, can be a massive piece of jewelry. An insert of precious stones will not be superfluous.

Bracelets of medium thickness will suit everyone. But thin jewelry or hoops go girls with elegant hands. An exquisite thin bracelet will be a perfect gift and decorate a fragile thin hand, while on a large wrist it will simply be lost. Owners of medium and small size hands can afford any kind of these accessories, and therefore the size of the bracelet can be adjusted according to their tastes and the style of other jewelry. Massive is better to leave the ladies with big hands.

The bracelet should be loose around the arm. Too tight gold bracelet will pinch the wrist and create discomfort, wide – ugly to dangle on the arm with a constant risk of losing. The correct size of the bracelet is the girth of the wrist plus 1-1.5 cm. ideally, if it has an adjustment in length, it will help you correct the length yourself.

Choosing a soft bracelet, carefully inspect all the connections, make sure they are durable. Try a fastener: if you can fasten it without help. Check its reliability: most often the bracelets are lost, unbuttoned under the sleeve of outerwear.

Carefully inspect the bracelet with a magnifying glass. On a quality product should not be irregularities, burrs, cracks. Stones, if any, are securely fastened, the ornament is clear, to the smallest detail. If the bracelet is cast, its thickness is uniform everywhere.

For gold products, different samples of gold are used: 585, 750, 958, and 999. The higher the sample, the cleaner the gold is. However, the purer the gold, the softer it is and more prone to scratches and damage. Therefore, metal 585 is considered the best for jewelry. The bracelet from it will not bend or break. On the bracelet must be the mark of the assay chamber and an indication of the sample. All decoration parameters and the stones that are used in it must be indicated in the passport.

A properly selected bracelet should not just decorate the wrist, it must complement the image being created, emphasize the style and taste of the owner. The bracelet is selected so that it is in harmony with the overall style of clothing. A gold bracelet with diamonds is suitable for a chic evening dress, but for office work you should purchase classic gold bracelets on the arm with simple weaving.

Rigid bracelets perfectly complement the light flying outfits of thin fabrics. They are made in ethnic style and decorated with large stones or enamel inserts. But with a business suit, they will look too pretentious.

Flexible bracelets are suitable for any outfit from a romantic evening dress to a strict suit. They can be made in the form of a low-key chain or luxurious weaving can be inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones. I’m not surprised why given the demand that many business minded person made a killing out of this trend.

When choosing jewelry it is worth paying attention to age. Young girls are recommended products with colored enamel inserts, and older women can choose for themselves diamonds and other precious stones.

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