How to choose the cuff bracelet for you

Cuff Bracelets are a bracelet that does not have a clasp. It has a hole through which you can easily and quickly put on a bracelet. What distinguishes these bracelets from the rest is that it changes a lot in the image and the difference “with it” and “without it” is obvious. This also manifests itself at the level of sensations of the bracelet owner. Try it! Wearing such a bracelet, you will feel as if wearing armor. A cuff bracelet or cuff bracelet is definitely an ornament that gives a feeling of strength and security.

It is difficult to say when and in which part of the world the cuff bracelet first appeared. It is known that such bracelets appeared a few thousand years ago, and still remain very popular. Almost in every culture of the world one can find a wide bracelet, resembling cuffs, in one form or another.

The cuff bracelet was a popular accessory in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and America. So on the wall paintings of ancient Egypt preserved images of pharaohs, whose wrists are decorated with wide bracelets with precious stones. In Mayan culture, the cuff bracelet was an attribute of royal attire and an important indicator of social status. In the 20th century, a lot of cuff bracelets appeared, but among them were especially remarkable.

Not to mention the legendary Coco Chanel bracelets with Maltese crosses.

Chanel adhered to a strict and concise style. The elegance, comfort and naturalness of her outfits required accents; they could be inexpensive accessories and jewelry. The icon of the style of the twentieth century for the first time dared to tell the world that there should be a lot of jewelry, because it is nothing more than a detail of a costume, a kind of decorative element that should decorate its owner, and not cost a fortune, being an insurance in case of extreme need.

Cult decoration, a cuff bracelet with Maltese crosses, the design of which was developed by Coco Chanel along with the Duke Fulco de Verdur, is still popular, made and sold. Another famous cuff bracelet is from Italian designer Elsa Peretti (for Tiffany & Co).

Cuff bracelets – it is always stylish and no matter what it is made of: be it plastic, resin, natural stones or just metal. Another feature is the fact that such bracelets are suitable for owners of thin wrists.

Jasper protects a person from diseases, contributes to the alignment of a person’s relations at work with his superiors. Jasper protects from the evil eye and from the forces of evil, protects against infertility, gives courage and confidence in victory. As a talisman, jasper promises wealth and health, gives eloquence, improves memory. It helps with bleeding and low blood pressure. Treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, relieves pain with bruises. Pearls – noble, pure, tender and lively – always been fanned by many legends. He makes convincing people more objective, closer to other people, he knocks down pride, arrogance, vanity, gives the opportunity to look back and secure his rear. Pearls contribute to longevity. Pearls – a good haemostatic agent. This cuff bracelet may be suitable for a ballroom or wedding dress. You can make it from materials of any other color, so that it is in tune with the girl’s side.

Denim can make sophisticated, designer jewelry which can be suitable not only for meeting teenagers, but also for a party or even for a wedding. But denim is good because even jewelry that is easy to make from jeans can look stylish, interesting and beautiful. An example of this is a cuff bracelet that is made very quickly. Having spent a little more time and materials, you can make a unique thing. And if you fantasize and show design skills, then you can create more than one unique decoration. And each will be different and beautiful.

Already this may be enough. Just turn the edge inward and sew the bracelet in a ring that is worn on the arm. But it is too easy. Therefore, we continue to fantasize. Now we need to put the edges of the watch strap under the label so that our bracelet fastens on the arm and fasten them there. You can sew, you can glue – which is easier and faster for you. If it so happens that the strap slides to the side, you can still sew loops, detached from the same jeans. It remains for us to fill the strap under the belt loops and fasten the cuff on the arm. Such a cuff bracelet will look good with any clothes where the hand is a little bare, whether it’s a dress or a T-shirt. Well, sport and, if necessary, a diet for weight loss will help you keep yourself in shape.

Silver Hammered Cuff Bracelet

This hammered cuffed silver bracelet is a superb handmade creation. It was made by the Karen Tribe Master, north of Thailand. Karen is an ethnic group that originally originated from Burma. They have very characteristic know-how that cannot be found anywhere else. This hammered silver cuff bracelet is a great success. It is very comfortable to wear and fits easily, both in casual outfits and in formal clothing.

925 silver, the material of your bracelet

Silver used to make jewelry cannot be 100% pure because it will be too soft. One or several alloys are added for operation, in most cases copper. Silver jewelry in USA and in most countries of the world is silver 925. This silver name is 1er; it has a minimum content of 92.5%. It is also known as sterling silver, 925 silver. For example, silver, consisting of silver, 92.5% and 7.5% copper. Silver has been the silver category for jewelry in many countries since the 13th century. Thai money is often cleaner than the world standard. It often contains 95 with 98% money, which allows you to use another job. Because more pure silver is softer and suppler, Thai silver jewelry is usually thicker.


  • 925 money bracelets certified
  • Dimensions: diameter 6 cm, length 16.5 cm, width max. 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 29 g
  • Comes in a handmade silk and cotton bag
  • Handmade Jewelry 100% Handmade